I am participating in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month, a cousin to National Novel Writing Month in November), which is a month of daily posting. I gotta admit, the name is half the reason I’m doing it. NaBloPoMo. I love it.

So, as my first post, I will give a random rundown of my life as it stands right this second. I’m frantically working towards my deadline of having third draft Flynn finished tomorrow night. Not an impossible challenge, but no picnic either.

My husband and his team at work just passed a killer deadline on a web site project. Sadly the deadline was not met, but this allowed them to merely extend it, thus ending the string of zombie days in which he worked overtime at the office, came home, worked some more, and fell into bed four hours before getting up again. My husband is a machine when it comes to working on deadlines.

I’m preparing for Fourth of July celebrations this weekend, and the usual fireworks in my small hometown. I will see my buds Fishy and Hanny for some serious reminiscing and drinking of ginger ale. My father’s traditional Fourth of July Pies (cherry and blueberry) will be joined by a third pie this year, and much debate has gone into what kind it should be.

And finally, I have company at my house: my sister-in-law Holly, also known as Silver Autumn (check out her YouTube account, especially Silver Autumn Speaks). She’s asleep in the room next door with no idea I’m blogging about her.

Happy blogging to all of you doing (I get to say it again, whee!) NaBloPoMo.




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3 responses to “NaBloPoMo

  1. scarovese

    The third pie should definitely be something white-ish to go with the theme of the weekend! Good luck with NaBloPoMo, I’m trying it too. Hopefully we both can stick with it 🙂

  2. theresetravis

    Hey, Rachel, I never heard of NaBloPoMo but it sounds like just what I need–and a good dose or accountability. Your life sounds pretty busy. Enjoy the Fourth!

  3. Fishy

    And I could not be more ready for the 4th festivities. Work has been just awful. I had the 4th off, but got roped into working from 5:30 am! – 2:30 pm that day because I felt bad for someone. And I don’t even get holiday pay. I’m such a nice pushover who is losing her sanity because of it.

    Anyway, all that to say, I badly need a new job, and I seriously need some reminiscing and ginger ale, along with your dad’s pies. I was just telling someone about them the other day 🙂

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