Under the Avalanche of Publishing Research

I’ve been skipping around blogs and web sites which talk about querying, publishing, agents, author platforms, and other subjects relevant to a hopeful writer. After about a week of this, I feel that I’m only at the tip of the iceberg. I also feel more than a little overwhelmed.

The sheer number of said blogs and websites contributes mightily to the problem. One site can have five links that I want to visit. I click on the first one and–lo and behold–it has about ten links that I should follow up on! It’s impossible to tell ahead of time which ones are going to be more helpful, so I wade around until my brain starts oozing out my ears and then turn off the computer, having visited maybe half of everything I wanted to see. And that’s on a good day when I’ve actually had hours to search, and only read one or two posts on each link.

Of course, eventually it comes down to taking the information you’ve got and starting the darn queries already. All the research in the world can’t get you anywhere if you don’t start moving on some actual concrete submissions.

That’s why, starting this Monday morning, I shall write up a plan of action for the next few weeks. It’ll include all the steps I need to take before querying, and perhaps that will make the task less daunting. I seem to work better with laid-out lists than with a vague cloud of responsibilities hovering over my head.

Right now I’m so sleepy that I think a nap is about to win out over any more work.



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One response to “Under the Avalanche of Publishing Research

  1. SM Blooding

    This is an awesome post. I highly recommend the written plan. I like making lists so that I can check things off. It keeps my rather chaotic mind organized and makes me feel…very productive. *cheeky grin*

    Hey, I tried sending a message to you via Twitter, but I’m not real good at Twitter….yet. Send me an email. I’d like you to guest blog. smblooding@yahoo.com

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