Online Networking and To-Do Lists

Here are the quick and easy online networking tips I used today:

1. Subscribed to a blog concerned with my writing genre

2. E-mailed the creators of another relevant blog and commented on their site

3. Follow-up correspondence about guest writing on other sites

I also wrote up an official To-Do list and made it less daunting using a tried-and-true trick. Many of my overall tasks (example, Get Web Site) involve so many steps that the whole process looks impossible. So I set up an outline which looks something like this:

Web Page

  • Buy domain name
  • Design
    • Research other authors’ sites
    • Ask my friend about helping with design
  • Write content
  • Get head shot for front page

Broken down into a hierarchy, I know exactly which things need to be done first and how many baby steps are involved in each big step. This somehow made things easier to swallow.

Happy writing all!



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