A short despair, if you’ll indulge me

If you’ve time, perhaps you’d like to hear about my moment of despair.

Right now I’m unemployed and have no guarantee that anyone in the publishing world is ever going to print what I’ve just spent the last 13 months of my life working on every weekday. I may not have anything to show for this endeavor, except to be even further behind those of my peers who are already showing promising careers.


All right. Enough. It’s healthy to allow yourself¬†a little¬†groan about these things once in awhile, just to air the feelings out in the sunshine. But really, it’s only helpful if you pull yourself out of it afterwards.

On another note, I will try hard to post tomorrow so as not to break the NaBloPoMo, but I don’t know if I’m going to have the Internet. We will have to see if I manage it.

On Sunday, I’ll have my first guest blog at www.smblooding.blogspot.com



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One response to “A short despair, if you’ll indulge me

  1. Hil

    If all else fails e-publish it. Amazon has a marketplace for it. All you’ll have to do is market it. I am trying to get myself educated on the subject in case my sister has trouble getting her novel out there.

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