New Post Series

I only missed one day of NaBloPoMo, and I almost missed tonight, but not quite! After Sunday’s guest blog with SM Blooding I was out of blog juices for awhile.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll begin a series of posts on innovative marketing ideas for the new author. The thought of marketing and self-promotion daunted me at first, but after reading a few resources on the subject I feel confident in my ability to bring my book to the attention of the public. I’d like to share some of my more imaginative ideas.

Tomorrow, despite many pressing responsibilities (preparing the house for Tuesday night and Wednesday celebrations), I will get some actual work done on my querying package. And hopefully some reading.



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One response to “New Post Series

  1. SM Blooding

    But your blog entry was GREAT! As soon as I figure out a way to put a list of favorite blog entries, I’m putting that one up there. LOL! It was awesome!

    Hey, if you’re going to do that blog series, I’ll be reading! *nods* Oooooh, yeah!

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