With everything we authors have to keep in mind (the ins-and-outs of writing, the ins-and-outs of publishing, the habits, the marketing, etc.) we often forget one important item: positive feedback!

I got positive feedback on FLYNN today. We’re talking the kind of feedback where my reader stayed up late because she couldn’t stop reading, and can’t imagine that FLYNN won’t get published.

After all my hard work this spring and summer, finishing the third draft and preparing to query, I think I deserved a moment of basking in encouragement. We really do need it. We can’t just give and give and give to the writing machine without ever getting anything back.

My courage redoubled, I’m going back to work on my synopsis tomorrow so I can start querying!




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2 responses to “Encouragement

  1. I say if someone stayed up late because she couldn’t stop reading your story that is a very good sign and you should keep sending it out. We all need positive feedback from time to time. Best of luck!

  2. So much self-doubt plagues the writer that it’s nice to hear an encouraging work from time to time.

    I find that with my critique group it’s just as important to know where your strong points are as much as the weak ones. Sometimes just a happy face next to a paragraph validates my writing and builds me up and makes me stronger a writer.

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