Artist Retreat Part II

As my week-long artist retreat in Missouri comes to an end, here’s Part II of my list on how to get the most from your retreat.

  1. Take a variety of things to do. You may burn out on one project after several hours but still have the rest of the day to work. Take things to renew your mind such as books, and do those for a couple hours to get the creative juices back on track.
  2. How much internet time will you have?Like most authors, I use the internet a lot, especially at the stage of researching agents. If you won’t have internet for awhile, take only projects that don’t require it.
  3. Eat well and sleep well. This may be a vacation, but you’re here to do work. If you eat poorly and wear yourself down, how will you get anything done?

And my final piece of advice:

         4.   Don’t get sick with the flu the day before you’re scheduled to leave. 😦




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2 responses to “Artist Retreat Part II

  1. Oh, no. Tell me you didn’t get the flu. I hope you didn’t have to fly. I can barely handle flying, and all its accompaning stress, on a good day.

    • rachelhestondavis

      Sad to say, I did get the flu. Luckily, my husband was there by the time that happened (he was coming out to join me for the weekend once the workweek was over), and we didn’t have to fly. I live in IL so drives to MO aren’t all that scary.

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