Young Adult Book Club Online

So I’m going to try something new with this blog. I’ve been wanting to talk about the YA books Idiscovered this summer, but instead of inundating you with reviews for books you haven’t read–I’m starting the Up and Writing online book club.

Unlike regular book clubs which meet once a month, we’re going to read each book in four segments and have weekly discussions right here at Up and Writing. I’ll moderate and provide starter questions, but I hope you participants will provide your own analysis, questions and thoughts on the books in the comments section. (Once I get my web site up, I hope to move all this business over there and perhaps set up a forum, which would be better suited to this sort of thing than a blog is! But for now, here we are at WordPress).

Our first book is MELTING STONES by Tamora Pierce. Fourteen-year-old Evvy is a stone mage who channels magic through rocks of every kind. When Evvy’s teacher drags her to a remote island on a routine mission to investigate dying plants, they soon learn that Evvy’s way with stones may be crucial to saving the island’s inhabitants from total destruction.

Normally I’ll hold club discussions on Fridays, but next week I will be out of town on Friday. So our first discussion will be Wednesday, Aug. 19.

Please take a moment to comment on this post if you plan to participate. Also, since this is a group primarily focused on YA books, spread the word to any teens you think would enjoy participating.




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6 responses to “Young Adult Book Club Online

  1. Fishy

    Hi! I kind of forgot to keep up with your blog before/during/directly after our move, but now I’m back.

    I’d love to do this, and hopefully I’ll have time to check out the book and read however much of it before your date of August 19. We’ll see 🙂 If not, I’ll still check it out and perhaps chime in the next week with my thoughts.

  2. I would love to participate, but I won’t get much read on that book before August 19 as I’m kinda already booked. I’ll have to see how the schedule goes. But this sounds like FUN!

  3. Lisa Gines

    Oh oh! Love to!
    I haven’t read much by Tamora Pierce, but she was really popular among my friends in high school. Do you think the Greenville library will have a copy of this?

    • rachelhestondavis

      Lisa–It’s a fairly popular book, so the odds of finding it would be good. But you could always order it through the library from another library if they don’t have it.

      Fishy–Glad you’re back!

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