Update on Book Club

The <a href=”https://rachelhestondavis.wordpress.com/2009/08/11/young-adult-book-club-online/”>Up and Writing Book Club</a> has a few announcements:

The date of our first book discussion has been postponed to Monday, Aug. 24. It was going to be next Wednesday, but as I’ve just now announced the club, I thought I’d give you all an extra week or so to track down the book and start reading. After that, we’ll try to have meetings on a less awful day. Mondays are awful.

For the first discussion, let’s read to the end of Chapter Six. I think it’s page 85–about one fourth of the way through.

Also, while this club will continue under the umbrella title of Up and Writing Book Club, our first “round” of readings will be the “Fall Fantasy Round.” We’ll do mostly fantasy books this autumn and see how everyone likes it.

Again, so you don’t have to go chasing down the information in another post, the book is MELTING STONES by Tamora Pierce.

In other news, I chose a picture for my web site today, after much deliberation. The end.



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