The Obits

by Rachel Heston Davis

Krycek Rat
Krycek the Rat, two-and-a-half, of Edwardsville, IL, died Friday, Aug. 14, 2009 at Hawthorne Animal Hospital after a courageous battle with neurological problems, encroaching senility, and an ornery cagemate.

Born in early 2007, Krycek spent the first part of his life in Petco of Rockford, IL before being purchased by the Davis family and taken to Oregon, IL.

Krycek held many job titles in his day, first as a wannabe-feral rat, during which he ran from and pooped on his owners a lot and refused to be tamed. After that, he settled down and distinguished himself as dominant rat in his family, a position which included pushing other rats onto their backs and aggressively grooming them.

Other hobbies included escaping his cage, exploring the floor of his owners’ office, eating Yogies, jumping from the chair to the couch, launching expeditions to burrow under things he wasn’t supposed to, and grooming bald spots on his cagemate’s head.

Krycek is survived by his cagemate Ziggy; a mamma rat Rachel; a dadda rat Jaron; four grandparent rats; aunt rats Holly and Christy; many friends; his favorite plastic igloo; and a bucket of Yogies.

Services will be held Saturday, Aug. 15, 2009 at The Pasture cemetary, Heston Residence, IL, with a short burial to follow.  The family has requested that all memorials be made in the form of spreading the word about the evils of feeding live rodents to snake.



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4 responses to “The Obits

  1. Holly Pants

    This was a bitter sweet tribute to a loved animal. I’ll miss that little guy.

  2. Lisa Gines

    One of the most ardently touching obituaries I have yet read in my years.
    My warm wishes go out to the surviving family in this difficult time.

  3. Animal obituaries … you may be onto something.

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