Book Club Preparations and a Shortage of Male YA Books

Tonight I’m starting the curriculum for the Up and Writing Book Club. I’m a little sleepy, so much of this may not get done, but it’ll at least be a start.

I already have a book lined up for next month (I think–haven’t read it yet, so it could turn out to be lame) but I want the month after next to be a YA fantasy geared more towards males, with a male protagonist. There’s a shortage of those in the market right now, and I’d like to find one. Anyone have suggestions?

In other news, my husband interrupts every few seconds with pleas for me to look at YouTube videos he’s found of the voice actors for Dragonball Z. Any of you watch Dragonball Z? It’s a scream–one of my guilty pleasures. We watched Chris Sabat do the Vegeta Rap….not sure how I feel about that….

Apparently Chris Sabat gets asked to say “It’s over nine thousand!” a lot–one of Vegeta’s more famous lines. I dunno, if I ran into Chris, I wouldn’t want him to do a Vegeta line. I’d find it much more hilarious to have a brand new conversation with The Vegeta Voice and see what it would say to me.

All right. Away from guilty pleasure anime and onto real work.



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One response to “Book Club Preparations and a Shortage of Male YA Books

  1. Lisa Gines

    A past friend of mine made me watch the first three seasons two Interterms ago. I had a love/hate relationship with that show. Nevertheless, I am insanely curious as to these YouTube videos of which you speak…

    I wish I had a good suggestion for the next YA Fantasy, as I’ve always preferred books with male leads, but I’ve had trouble finding any interesting ones these last couple years. My sister is currently reading The Circle Trilogy and claims it’s fantastic so far, but it’s of the YA Christian Fantasy genre (which shouldn’t be a problem, but I don’t know if you want to keep that genre aside for another month /. (That doesn’t look so much like a shrug as it does an exclamation. Hm.))

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