Resuscitating dormant pieces of the soul

Last night and today I worked on the script for my graphic novel ON CAMPUS. I’d forgotten how much I love writing and drawing graphic stories. Every time I work on it, it’s like a little piece of my soul comes out of hibernation, and I feel complete.

I gave up cartooning in college because I was so busy.  As a post-grad aspiring to be an author, I worked mostly on my novel, since traditional novels appeal to a broader market and are a more “practical” use of creative talent.

But I can’t deny my true love any longer. Graphic work holds at least as big a place in my heart as traditional writing.  From now on, I’m going to make it more of a priority in my work time. I hope to start ON CAMPUS as an online series in fall 2010.

What about you? Do you have a hobby or passion that has long lain dormant, which needs to be re-awakened? No time like the present!




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4 responses to “Resuscitating dormant pieces of the soul

  1. I’m actually ressurecting my music. I used to be a flute player and picking that back up was just frustrating beyond belief! I used to be a…incredible classic flute player. And my chops are sore after half an hour, I can’t hit all the notes the first time and my fingers are rusty and slow…

    I don’t have patience with myself.

    So I’m taking up the guitar and the piano. Self-teaching, of course. But it’s going fairly well. I’m up to the fourth string on the guitar, I’ve given myself blisters twice and I’m doing mixed left-hand cords on the piano. EEEEEKKK!!!

    • rachelhestondavis

      Sounds like you’re quite busy resuscitating your dormant soul bits! Good luck with all that, it sounds like fun. I used to play the piano a bit–I’m more a music listener than a music player. Except on Rock Band, of course. 🙂

  2. I always enjoyed sketching when I was young (Gee, I sound old when I say it like that). When I was younger I enjoyed sketching, I even purchased a sketch pad during the winter but sadly I’ve hardly made the to work at it at all.

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