One Step At A Time

Working to become an author is no easy challenge, and discouragement looms ever on the horizon. There’s so much to remember and do. You pour your heart, soul and energy into the book until you think there’s nothing left to give. Then you discover the world of querying, just as complex and trial/error as the writing process. You know that the actual publication and marketing will probably kick your butt, too.

I got hit with a wave of discouragement about that today. But it occurs to me that most people feel this way about something–be it their career, parenting, schooling, etc. Knowing that other people go through discouragement kind of takes the fangs right out of the experience, doesn’t it?

When you feel discouraged–when the list of things to do seems ten miles long and impossible–the most important thing is to prioritize. Pick out whichever tasks are most important (according to your own intuition and the advice of others) and worry about those first. Set up a schedule to accomplish them.

Put real effort into those tasks, but don’t ask your mind and body for more than they can give. You can’t do this all at once. The sad truth is, slow and steady usually does win the race, and big things just have to take their sweet time to come to fruition. If you keep the steady pace and take the advice of others in your field, something will happen. At least, that’s what this aspiring author is banking on.




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2 responses to “One Step At A Time

  1. I have these issues daily. Unfortunately. I am having them right now, in fact. About writing, parenting, relationships, housework, meal planning, b-day party planning, company coming. It’s so overwhelming, sometimes I want to cry. But I don’t because there’s always something. I need to follow your advice and tackle projects in a slow and steady manner. My sister said once “The only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.”

    • rachelhestondavis

      LOL, that is the best advice on eating elephants I’ve ever heard.

      I hope you’re able to tackle all the challenges in your life right now. It may be a busy time for awhile, but it’s bound to settle out eventually. Right? (Saying this as much for my own sanity as yours!)

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