Book Club Update

So, I’m getting the feeling that most of you didn’t have time to get and/or read MELTING STONES before this week. LOL. Holly Pants gets the prize for the first book club comment, though. 🙂

Here’s what I think we’ll do. Next time, I was going to post discussion starters for the next quarter of the book. Since we didn’t really discuss the first quarter this week, we’ll leave the first quarter and the second quarter both up for discussion next week. And I think we’ll have the book club on Fridays instead of Mondays. I don’t think Mondays are a good day for anyone. (I know they aren’t for me). So next Friday. Not this Friday. Next. 🙂

I was in Nashville this weekend, staying with my Aunt Sandi and Uncle Eric. We spent the weekend eating way too much, visiting the Parthenon (yes there’s a Parthenon in Nashville) and an old plantation (with an un-funny tour guide who didn’t tell any of the cool stories) and, of course, being run around to within an inch of our lives by my cousin’s six-year-old son. He was by far the most fun thing about the weekend!!

So! That’s my life so far. Hope to see you all at the book club next Friday. I’ll post more details as the week progresses.



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