Book Club and Published Review

Some updates:

First, I’ve already announced that the next meetingĀ of the Up and Writing Book Club will take place Friday, Sept. 4. Discussion will include the first and second sections MELTING STONES by Tamora Pierce (first section: to the end of chapter 6. second section: to the end of chapter 11.) Come and enjoy the discussion! The post will be up starting in the wee hours of the morning, so drop by any time and check back throughout the day for replies to your comments.

Second, I have a new review published at Friends of Lulu! ROBOT DREAMS by Sara Varon–When best friends Dog and Robot are separated by a tragic accident at the beach, their subsequent search to replace the friendship reveals a lot about modern humanity’s isolation. (This one isn’t a YA fantasy, it’s a graphic novel, my other great love in life).




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2 responses to “Book Club and Published Review

  1. Congrats on your newly published review! Isn’t it great to read your own words?

    • rachelhestondavis

      Thanks Laura! If there’s one thing I like about the blogging community, it’s the ease with which people can contribute to each other’s publications.

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