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New Round of Queries

My new posting schedule at SM Blooding and Crew has begun! Visit them to see this week’s post on how I go about finding the right agents to query for my work.



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New Year’s Start on Queries, Editing

The holidays are finally at an end! Between Thanksgiving, preparations for Christmas, Christmas itself, and New Year’s, I’ve been off my regular schedule (writing and otherwise) for about two months straight. But now I’m back! And instead of making New Year’s Resolutions to foster new and better habits, I’m focusing on the habits I need to get back into. Here’s my list of things to do.

I’ll be back and blogging at SM Blooding and Crew on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month (that’s beginning this coming Tuesday, everyone).

I’ll send out more queries of FLYNN. The first round (of course) did not produce results. Honestly, I would’ve been surprised if it did. But armed with my subscription to Guide to Literary Agents,I ought to find someone who wants to see the full manuscript.

After NaNoWriMo this year, I have a good start on the rought draft for FLYNN II. It’s official title is under construction. I’ll be doing more work on that in the following months.

Now on to my new ventures.

I’m entering the first 500 words of FLYNN into a contest at Kidlit.com, a very helpful blog written by an associate agent at Andrea Brown Literary Agency.

My friend Kristine Pratt (who I met at a writer’s conference back in ’08) recently started up her own publishing company, Written World Communications. She asked me to be a (volunteer) assistant to one of her editors! It’s quite an exciting venture. I review proposals, manuscripts, and also short stories for the magazine. We just sent a round of submissions to Pub Board, so before too long, I’ll begin the editing process with the chosen candidates! Not to mention that I may get to help with layout of the magazine, a field which I feel I could easily excel at but have never had the opportunity to become familiar with.

Oh yes, and I may also be getting a part-time-job. As in, one that will give me a paycheck. FLYNN and my graphic novel are already full time jobs in and of themselves, but, well….they won’t pay for a second car, now will they?

Stay tuned to this blog throughout the coming year. I’m excited about the prospects of 2010, and I hope you are too.



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Publishing Opportunity for Young Writers

Are you a young writer looking for publishing opportunities? Writers 25 and under with unpublished short pieces should check out Survival By Storytelling Magazine, a small publication by blogger Shaun Duke and Young Writers Online.net.

SBS publishes short work of any genre by young authors. Fiction, plays, poetry and nonfiction articles are all accepted. Submission guidelines and other information can be found at the website.

SBS has no set print schedule as yet, but the first issue is currently available in print or electronic format.

Thanks to Tia Nevitt’s Debuts and Reviews for spreading the word online about this new publishing opportunity.

Boy, now I’m wishing that I hadn’t turned 26 eleven days ago! 🙂


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For the first time–ever–I’m going to participate in NaNoWriMo. I wanted to last year, but urgent revisions on my novel prevented me from starting any new rough drafts. You can’t churn out revisions on a quick schedule the way you can with fresh material.

However, before NaNo, I have a few housekeeping matters with my writing. The first being to send out the two short stories I’ve been meaning to submit to Glimmer Train. They both need to go in the October publication categories, which gives me a deadline of–eleven days. Yikes. Not long.

Furthermore, before I can start the sequel to FLYNN (which is my NaNo project) I must acquire a reasonable amount of knowledge about medieval warfare. Hopefully, this rather enormous task can bleed over into the month of November a bit, as I don’t have to write all the battle scenes right at the start of the month. And if they suck, who cares–it’s a rough draft for crying out loud!

So this is my agreement with myself. I will post regular updates every day until NaNo to keep myself accountable online for everything I have to do. We’ll see how far I get. Hopefully during NaNo I will update much more frequently because I’ll be on the computer all the time anyway.



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Publications of all sorts

I got another article published over at Friends of Lulu. If you’ve ever wanted to know the five most important things about creating graphic works, read it here.

Things are getting exciting around here! I’m checking out contests for a couple of my short stories, querying FLYNN, and a friend of mine just launched a small publishing company which is desperately seeking submissions. Just what every writer wants to hear. If any of you ever write short stories geared to the Christian market, visit her site at Written World Communications.

Meantime, I’m on my way to the Sirens conference in Vail, CO, a conference dedicated to women in fantasy literature (authors, characters, and readers alike). I’m writing this from Hays, KS, in a Motel 6 where I just paid a little under four dollars to access the Internet.


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A Painless Rejection Letter–Does Such A Thing Exist?

Yes, you heard it here first, folks. I got a rejection letter (er, e-mail) that actually wasn’t painful. Here’s why.

One year ago this summer, I sent a proposal of my then-unfinished novel FLYNN to a publishing house. I had connections through a writer’s conference, and expected to hear back promptly.

Nothing happened for months. Over time, I came to assume that they didn’t want the thing, so I counted it a loss and went about finishing and revising the novel. Over time, I came to see that FLYNN actually needed a lot more work and time to be the best it could be.

A couple of days ago, I got an e-mail from that publisher. A year later! They apologized profusely for not getting back to me sooner. Apparently the proposal was changing hands from one editor to another and somehow got lost. It was unearthed a few days ago, at which point they sent me the e-mail.

In the time between last year and this year, they closed their doors on new YA fantasy. So FLYNN was officially rejected because of an accident and a change in policy, not because they didn’t like it. That has got to be the most painless rejection of all time. Not to mention the most fortuitous–if I’d had to rush finishing and editing it, it wouldn’t be nearly as good as it is today. Thank you, happy accidents!


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Publishing Short Stories

We novel writers feel the temptation to put all our publishing eggs in one basket. Because novels are so time-consuming to produce, we spend most of our writing time on that and little (if any) on short stories or articles. Trouble is, short stories and articles have a greater chance of getting published, thus creating that valuable list of publishing credits that agents and editors like to see for first-time novelists.

This phenomenon has been praying on my mind recently. Yesterday, I decided to seriously pursue publication of my novella GRACE. (A working title. I’ve also considered SILENCE AND GRACE or DISTURBING THE SILENCE). I’ve checked out a contest which looks promising on Glimmer Train and checked to see that Grace’s word count fits the requirements. GRACE is 18,000 words, which is 70 pages, but the Glimmer Train max word count is up to 20,000 and they still count that as a short story. I’ll hopefully submit GRACE in September or December.

I’ve toyed around with some sci-fi short story ideas, but they’re all complex enough to turn into novels. That’s the problem with being a novelist. You have trouble scaling back.

Anyway, we’ll see what happens with Glimmer Train. This is yet another item to add to my ever-growing To Do list.



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